Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Reunion

Well, the day started easy enough but proved far more difficult than we planned. We went geocaching and had a real adventure.
Geocaching is high-tech treasure hunting. Using a GPS we searched for hidden geocaches (containers). Inside the containers are various objects from a simple piece of papers to record that you found it, to objects such as key chains, pictures etc.
We took off with high hopes of finding unknown treasures. We searched for three and found two. We walked nearly 3 miles (some claimed it was much further than that). While walking we heard the time-old phrase, "Are we there yet?" However, it was not the children asking the question but some of the adults.
Some of the geocaches were easy to find. The last one was the hardest and we risked life and limb to try to find it.
In the first picture Sebastian and Marie found one of the geocaches. Junior was the navigator. The final hunt was the most challenging. The remaining pictures show the hunters trying to safely enter the river bed. Of course, it would have been easier and safer to walk further down the road to the bike trail but some of the members would rather by pass a locked gate (I wonder why that gate was locked?) than to walk any further. Fortunately we were able to make it to the river bed safely.
After arriving home safely it was time to take a well earned nap. Rest of the day was spent complaining about aches and pains and reliving the adventure.

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