Friday, August 21, 2009

Family Reunion

As of Thursday afternoon everyone has arrived. the first day was used for people to get settled in. For the evening we had a BBQ (chicken and round steak wrapped in bacon), baked potato, corn and salad.
After dinner we had a game night. Everyone participated in Wacko for several rounds and then some left the game to play a few rounds of pool.
After the games we had a family council to get feedback from everyone about having regular family reunions. All were very enthusiastic about making this a regular event. Some discussion was had about should it be every year or every two years. We also discussed the possibility of the next site and who should sponsor it. Nothing was decided at the meeting because there purpose was to get people thinking about these various areas. We will continue the discussion Friday night. The evening ended with dessert with a choice of chocolate cake or Dyer's Fruit Bars.
Friday morning, we will be going Geocaching for the first time then everyone will be on their own until dinner. Some are planning on bicycle rides, time at the beach or pool and etc.

Video: The Pool Sharks

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