Friday, December 11, 2009

Health Care Bill

Please take the time to read this entire message. Your freedom is at stake.
Our founding Fathers were very concerned about a strong federal government, for this reason they adopted the Articles of Confederation which give the states most of the power and left a central government unable to govern. Over time events such as Shay’s Rebellion taught them that giving all of the power to the states was not a workable solution. When they met again they abandoned the Articles and wrote the Constitution trying the best they could to establish a union with a set of checks and balances; this has served us well.
Throughout our history there have been those that have tried and succeeded in increasing the role of the Federal Government by going around the Constitution. The latest attempt is the Health Care Bill (HCB). If the bill passes we will see the end of a life as we know it; our freedom will greatly be diminished.
For nearly twenty years I worked in the health insurance industry and earned what is the equivalent of a degree in health insurance. I would be the first to agree that we don’t have a perfect health care system, but I will state emphatically that it is the best in the world despite its weaknesses. I encourage you to do your homework. Study what National Health Care has done to England, Canada and most of Europe.
I have not read the entire bill but I have read portions of it and have read opinions that support and oppose it. The conclusion that I have come to is we are in great danger. We must act and act now!
The issue of the HCB is not about being a Republican or a Democrat or about being a Conservative or Liberal; it is about power and who will weld that power. History has taught us that when a strong central government starts making decisions for the individual - tyranny follows. Our founding Fathers fear of a strong federal government was based on experience and we should not take their wisdom lightly. We are coming to a time when the Constitution may be hanging by a thread.
When the HCB was proposed it was under the guise of helping the economy and making sure that 24 million uninsured Americans will have coverage. Analysis of the bill has shown the cost of the bill will not help the economy but rather make it worse. In addition, the current bill will still leave 24 million American’s uninsured and that is according to Senator Harry Reid who is sponsoring the bill. Notice that the original purpose of the bill is not being met, but that is not important to those that support it, because it is about the federal government gaining more power and not about health care.
I challenge anyone to find a government agency that is run efficiently and under or at budget. Give me one example when the cost of something proposed by a state or the federal government proved in realty to be accurate; it is always worse than projected.
We must act if we are to preserve our freedom. I ask each of you to study this matter out carefully and if you agree with me to contact EVERY Senator and tell them to vote no on the bill. Let them know that you will do everything in your power to see that they will not win the next election if they support the HCB. I understand that you cannot vote for a Senator that is outside your State, but you can support those who run against them by sending money.
Please call, email and fax each Senator at their local and national offices (see list below). Let your message be short and sweet “Do not support the HCB. I will be watching you. If you vote for it you will be removed from office at the next election.”
On Tuesday, December 15th in Washington D.C. there will be a rally called Code Red to protest the HCB. If you can go I encourage you to do so. I seriously thought about going but for various reasons decided that I cannot go. But I can do something locally and so can you – call, email, fax and show up at the local offices. Use all of the forms of communication to let them know you are upset.
While poll data can be misleading most of the recent polls shows that 61% of American’s oppose the Senate bill, but our Senators are not listening, they no longer represent us; we no longer have a republic.
Those that support the bill want you to feel that you are powerless and the passing of the bill is inevitable but that is not true. We do have power but we must act. Yes, it will take time but we cannot allow what is happening to take place.
Please, this is not a matter to take lightly. We cannot sit and be an observer. We are either for it or against it; action is the only thing that matters.
Please pass this email on to everyone you know.
Richard Bernard
There are many lists on the internet here are two that you might find useful.

How to email the Senators and their fax numbers

Here is a list of their addresses and other information. Click on their website to find their local offices